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Information about Pleiadians

The Pleiades is a constellation and contains many stars and planets. Typically people mean the humanoid beings from the star system of Taygeta when they refer to the Pleiadians. These Star Masters are amongst the closest to human beings in terms of their appearance and level of density. Their origins can be traced back to the Lyra constellation and they have a long history of interaction with Earth and humanity. The Pleiadian communities are spiritually evolved and represent a vision of what is possible for spiritual communities of earth.

The Pleiadians seek harmony and balance in all things. This is their focus, flavour and gift to the Galaxy. Balance and harmony can be found at the personal and collective level as follows:

Personal level – balance between thinking and emotions, the physical and spiritual, being and doing, feminine energies and masculine energies, giving and receiving, and being grounded and being in an expanded state of consciousness.

The Collective level
Harmony within the community - . The Pleiadians maintain harmony within the community in such ways as encouraging group participation with the enjoyment of all forms of arts, music and dance. Beauty in all of its forms becomes the glue that binds their communities together. They understand that our search for beauty is a reflection of a deeper search for reconnection to source. Often Pleiadian guides are drawn to the artists, musicians and dancers on earth as they understand and enjoy the creative energies so well.

There are also roles which I call the “ambassador roles” which involve individual Pleiadians interacting within the communities to ensure that all members are understood and that everyone is aligned in harmonious ways.

Harmony with nature -. The Pleiadians are master horticulturists and work closely with the nature spirits and especially with the devas of the plant kingdom. They see themselves as colleges with the Devas and support the natural efforts of nature around them. The Pleiadians are especially good at growing plants and flowers by working in alignment with the relevant devas. Their creations would be unrecognisable to humans since they are larger, more colourful and more complex. There are plants that are more like animals, possessing a level of intelligence and are even mobile.

This focus on nature also shows us that they are a Goddess culture. By choosing to align themselves to nature and to serve the planetary and Galactic needs they are aligning themselves to the creative force of creation in the physical universe which is called the Goddess.

Harmony with other Extra-Terrestrial Beings – They maintain positive relationships with other evolved Star Masters. The Pleiadians have a particularly close relationship to the Arcturians and they are also a source of volunteers for the Ashtar Command. There are many Star Seeds on Earth that have connections to the Pleiades and so in a sense their missions on earth are more examples of the Pleiadian efforts to make positive contributions to Galactic service.

The Pleiadians are heart based beings. They are not dominated by their minds and as such can live in the moment and bring their focus and presence into whatever they are experiencing (please see the Pleiadian Heart Meditation). Human beings on earth can learn a lot from them. Indeed the spiritual teachings of the Pleiadians are very practical and grounded. They teach us horizontal alignment which means bringing spiritual awareness to the physical level and daily life. This is different from many Star Beings who offer us a glimpse into etheric and non physical spiritual realities which tend to take us temporarily away from the physical earth and our daily lives.

The North American Indians had many contacts with the Pleiadians. They saw them more as as Gods than Extra-Terrestrial Beings and also identified with them as being animal totems or animal spirits. The practice of ceremonial dancing and drumming helped them to go into altered states of consciousness where they could perceive their Pleiadian guides. The similarities between the Goddess culture of the Pleiades and the beliefs of the Indians is clear to see.

As guides they help us to be creative and to use a heart centred and grounded approach to spirituality. They teach us that spirituality is all around us in daily life and they encourage us to interact with life in harmonious and balanced ways.

Alcyone – The Pleiades
This is more of a spiritual / energetic realm as there are no physical incarnations here. Those with this connection carry the energies of commitment and surrender to the Goddess which is a cosmic initiation. They are devoted to the Goddess and symbolically they are seen as the High Priestess. Alcyone itself connects us to the inner reflections and desires of the Goddess.